We equip your digital network with contemporary security and optimization solutions. Discover our extensive services such as assembling at German quality standards, professional hardware consulting, flexible customization, strict quality management and warehousing.

Because your digital network deserves only the best.

Keep your digital infrastructure secured and optimized.

In times of digital globalization, there is no space for performance and security gaps. That is why achieving and remaining digital sovereignty is essential for every business network, regardless its size or field. Our AIMSTRONG Hardware Solutions are your efficient tool to equip your digital network with ready-to-run network solutions, pre-configured with selected leading open source software applications.

Digital Infrastructure
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cyber attacks per day
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All data from 2022. Source: Statista.

AIMSTRONG Hardware Solutions provide:

Network Access Control


Anomaly Detection

Enterprise Virtualisation

Endpoint Security

E-Mail Security



Contemporary Hardware


Our Vision

The more digital networks grow, the higher are the chances to become a victim of cyber attacks. Keeping up with the speed of digital globalization without losing control over the security and sovereignty of your own digital network at a competitive cost rate – a priceless investment for every company. An investment AIMSTRONG stands for. We help you not only to achieve, but also to remain the digital sovereignty of your network.

Scalable, because you decide which performance suits your network requirements. Our product selection covers the whole range from small but efficient desktop appliances to ultra performance enterprise devices, all equipped with high-quality hardware components. You choose, we deliver.

Tested, because all our products go through elaborated test procedures to ensure a remarkably low failure rate. Various tests, such as burn-in, temperature and 48-hour permanent operation tests, guarantee a high standard quality management your digital network can look forward to.

Reliable, because our expertise and experience in the IT network hardware field enables us to professionally provide high performance and efficient hardware solutions at a competitive price/performance ratio.

Scalable, tested, reliable. Simply AIMSTRONG.

Our Mission

To make it short: providing a scalable, ready-to-run and reliable network solution for every digital infrastructure, regardless its business field or size. Whether healthcare, public authorities, critical infrastructure services, datacentres, ISPs or TSPs. We provide hardware solutions specifically tailored for your deployment scenario. Moreover, we offer extensive services such as professional assembling at German quality standards, hardware consulting, flexible customization, strict quality management and warehousing. As a result, finding a convenient and reliably working network solution which meets your individual requirements becomes simple without resigning professionalism.

Discover now our AIMSTRONG Hardware Solutions as your tool to digital sovereignty.